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Given the difficulties that many students have to write essays, this brief work exposes some keys so that they manage to write them effectively. Thus, the theoretical and methodological tools for the construction of this type of texts are provided here.

The first recommendation is the choice of a topic; logically, when it has not been assigned by the teacher.

It is up to the student to think about a topic. Sometimes it is not easy. So, they must resort to techniques such as brainstorming: write topics very quickly; then, stop to think about it and, finally, make a selection, until you reach the choice of the topic to be discussed.

Before moving on to the second key, a list of topics is offered, on which a good essay could be written. Namely: couple relationships, abortion, child abuse, intrafamily violence, death penalty, euthanasia, corruption, displacement, drug trafficking, legalization of drugs, prostitution, religious movements, contraceptive methods and 20th century literature, among others.

The second key is the formulation of a thesis; that is, present in an orderly manner the position that is held on the subject in question. For example, if the selected topic is the legalization of drugs, the thesis or point of view could be expressed as follows: the legalization of drugs would be a deplorable step back in the fight against this scourge.

In the example cited, as noted, the proposed point of view is against the issue of legalization of drugs, but could be expressed in another way, according to the point of view of the author of the hypothetical essay. The important thing is to be clear about how a thesis is formulated. Observe other examples:

In Colombia, marriage between same-sex couples should not be allowed.

Euthanasia is a right that people have to die with dignity.

Currently the levels of corruption in the country are very high.

The FTA will bring many economic benefits to the country.

The third key is to present a series of arguments that rationally support the thesis of the essay.

As you know, arguments are the reasons for defending a point of view. Once the arguments are created, there is a definite outline of the essay. This ends with the first phase, which is the prewriting process.

Once this process is finished, initiate another: the writing process. Recall that an essay has an introduction, argumentative body and conclusion. The next key is to write an excellent introduction. It is suggested that the thesis be included in this part of the essay, as this clarifies clarity. Later, the development of it is written, composed of the arguments created for that purpose. Finally, a conclusion is written that impresses the reader.
With the implementation of these recommendations, not only will the task of writing essays be facilitated by application, but also a habit of writing will be profitable for university life and for society in general.

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